J&J Security Services' Tips for Keeping Your Home Safe Throughout the Summer

Summer is the time when homes are most vulnerable to break-ins and burglaries.  For household property crimes, the victimization data indicate that there are seasonal patterns in household burglary and larceny, with the highest rates occurring in the summer (Bureau of Justice Statistics Report). As families leave for vacation, they don’t always ensure that their home is properly protected. Having a quality security system in place is always the best solution to help prevent break-ins, reduce the detection time of the intruder’s presence and increase the response time in which the authorities arrive.  There are also many other things you can do to safeguard against home intruders that sometimes get overlooked:

  • Ask a friend or neighbor for help. This is an extra level of reassurance, as you can check in with a friend to keep updated on your home. The person can drive by your home, or if neighbors, just keep an eye on it and make sure nothing suspicious is going on.

  • Don’t expose that you’re going away on social media and/or anywhere else on the internet. This easily allows perpetrators to make a plan. Be careful what you say on your voicemail or answering machine as well - callers don’t necessarily need to know that you’re not home or on vacation.

  • Stop your mail, or arrange for a neighbor or friend to pick it up until you return. Otherwise, a week’s worth of mail piled up on your doorstep lets criminals know that you are obviously not home.

  • Remove the 'hidden' house key.  The key under the mat, inside the mailbox, beneath a rock—everybody hides a house key. Burglars know your hiding places. Instead, give it to a trusted neighbor.

  • Light up the outdoors. Unless you already have them, it is smart to consider installing outdoor lights with infrared motion sensors and install one near each entrance or any other point of entry. Remember to keep track and replace any light bulbs that have burned-out and put porch lights on timers.

  • Mow your lawn before you leave or schedule someone to mow it while you’re away. An overgrown lawn is a sure sign that no one is home.

  • Take a look at your house from an outside point of view to make sure that no valuables are visible.

  • Most importantly, make sure your home security system’s batteries are not in jeopardy of dying while you’re away on vacation.  Swapping them for new ones every 6-12 months is a good idea.

Ensuring that you are well prepared before going on vacation this summer will lead to proper protection of your home and belongings.  If you’re not sure if your home will be protected against intruders this summer, speak with a reputable security services provider.


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In addition to offering state-of-the-art residential and commercial security systems, J&J provides Life Safety systems, protecting you and your loved ones from the dangers of fire, smoke, and carbon monoxide as well as wireless Emergency and Medical Alert pendants that can be integrated into any of our advanced security and Life Safety systems.

J&J Security’s customer service is second-to-none, offering tailored and customized security solutions that come with Theft Protection Guarantees, Full Installation & Monitoring Refunds and significant discounts should you or your business move locations.  To learn more about how J&J Security can help protect and monitor your home and/or office, please visit their website at www.jandjsecurity.com

Source: J&J Security